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October 14, 2011


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Kevin Onesko

Not if I can help it.


Yep. Something I've said in comments here for a long time. There seem to be two main reasons...

First, some people seem to treat websites as magical things that will increase business at once and when that doesn't happen, they quit putting in effort.

Second, they've had someone build their site and it's static HTML so that they can't update it without getting hold of the developer, etc. A not-insignificant chunk of my business is redesigning websites that need an update because they've been neglected for so long AND moving them from static HTML to a CMS like Wordpress so that the business people can update the site.

I really need an organized way to find these folks since many of them want to update their site but it became a hassle, the developer moved on and they have no idea of how to update the code, etc. Once the site's really out of date, motivation flags, other things take their time, etc. Give them a site based on Wordpress or similar and they actually will update the site much of the time.

El Jefe

The new template based sites offered by vin65.com should help improve things... no up front cost and full access to their CMS etc.

At least in my case, keeping it up to date is no problem, but posting older vintages hasn't happened mostly because I have had occasion to migrate my site twice to a new provider. Retrofitting old vintage content to a new site is usually the last priority...

George Wroblewski

Wineries commission a website and think that that is it job finished

Jon Bjork

Slightly off-topic, but related... I've been trying to change my email address with all those wineries (and other businesses) where I belong to their emailing list.

Those wineries using ConstantContact to send email have made this process the easiest. The ConstantContact interface is pretty clear.

VerticalResponse (which I use for the wineries I consult with) does not handle address changes well. You basically need to unsubscribe then take the time to find the location on the winery Web site where you can sign up for the mail list again. As you've pointed out previously, that can be time-consuming, or even impossible (robertmondavi.com for example).

I had been wondering why my unsubscribes in VerticalResponse had been increasing for current wine club members, and now I know why.

One more thing (among many you've pointed out over the years) that I need to work on.

Thanks again for this site, Mike!

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