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August 04, 2011


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Val K. Levey, General Manager | Wine of the Month Club

I agree with Michael…Where you direct the QR Code user is critical. I’m now realizing the time (and money) to create a campaign around this is technology is paying off. What you don’t want is to lose precious eyeballs by directing them to a complex/busy landing page. I typically direct to a custom and very simplistic page for the QR Code, which significantly lowers my abandonment rate. Also, don’t forget to format the QR Code with analytics so you can segment and track of all your efforts. Need more info, email me directly at: val@womclub.com


Also testing is important... I just tried to view this QR code and it had a server error.

Mike Duffy

BTW, this QR code translates to http://tr.im/BKbr

Unfortunately, the tr.im domain name is not resolving, so this QR code is non-functional, at least until that is resolved.

There's no real reason to use a URL shortener like tr.im with a QR code. If you must, choose a more reliable service like tinyurl.com, bit.ly, or goo.gl

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