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August 31, 2011


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MIke, that is like the first thing you should do before launching is TEST, TEST, TEST...Yes it is tedious if you have a lot. I would definitely agree that this is so Amateur!

Mike Duffy

Even *after* launching, since things can Go Bad. Just because your site worked today, does not automatically mean it will work tomorrow.

Lewis Perdue

Many thanks for the folo on my post.


"Looking at the Pepi News link on the site seems to indicate that the site hasn't been updated since 2009. "

BING BING BING. They don't care about the site if they've really not updated it. But heck... mouse over the bottles under the Shop link... the bottles aren't linked AT ALL. In the section of the site that is about buying wine.

I don't want to damn the design (even though I hate Flash) though, because trying for something new isn't bad - it's not well executed, but I do like seeing people do fun, innovative designs. The Pepi site seems odd in that I don;'t get the connection between a beach party and wine but.. meh, that's their branding message.

But this is just one of many many many small biz sites that no one is investing in (in time and effort more than money) and since it doesn't show ROI, they're not paying attention to it. I guarantee you they tossed this up there either expecting a big bump in business, didn't see that and then abandoned it OR they put something up because someone sold them on "you need a website" and they didn't every think about why they needed a site or what it could or should do for them.


Mike, you know how webprojects go. Rick has it right - someone wanted "cool" and "edgy" without a thought as to conversions, sales funnels and the like and when it didn't pan out, lost interest.
Sounds like you found a perfect "here's what NOT to do" when talking to prospective clients. ;)

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