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July 26, 2011


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Funny, we keep spitting out valuable info and it seems that no one is taking the advice. The first one who does is going to benefit huge!

People need to figure out how to market online. Getting people to the tasting room and to purchase the wines in the key! If you don't talk about it, and aren't part of the conversation then you will be out.

I reviewed a wine from a winery and gave them pretty good marks, yet, they didn't even know it. So I sent an email to all the wineries and said...you may want to follow my blog because you never know when I am going to talk about you!

We'll see!

Andrew Kamphuis

Mike you hit the nail on the head. Wineries don't know how to, followed by not having time to. Unlike sex they don't teach A/B testing in highschool.

Christian Miller

So true. Few wineries do it with their labels either, arguably an even more critical decision. Yet the label tests I've run have been remarkably insightful and useful.

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