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May 06, 2011


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I think this is a very creative idea to bring people from offline to participate with online activities. Very cool!


Agree! There is so much you can do with this.

Josh Hermsmeyer


Tell me why, and bring data.Facebook is for spying platform, not a commerce platform. If you have a good reason to spy (gather demographic data) then great! Otherwise focus on impactful commercial activites.

Mike Duffy

@Josh - I understand your point, but I'm not sure that most people care deeply about it -- they are already on Facebook.

In fairness to your point of view, I'll link to your post: http://pinotblogger.com/2010/05/17/why-i-quit-facebook-and-why-every-winery-should-as-well/

I don't see Facebook besmirching the reputations of Twisted Oak, Iron Horse, and other wineries (and small businesses like Screamin' Mimi's) that use it.

I respect your opinion. I could be wrong.

Shankar K

Thank you for the info.
I agree




I'm actually making a slightly different point, I agree that people don't care. In fact in my new wine related venture I'm leveraging that exact thing in a highly effective (and profitable) manner. The question is: are wineries?Because if they think that being liked on Facebook drives sales...well, show me. All the data I've ever seen has been pretty clear. Facebook is for looking at pictures of your friends and silently judging. It's not a place where people click to buy. MLB I think proved this beyond a doubt recently.


Doug Arn

I agree that social networking is a big advantage, but has it ever been shown that if a winery has a Facebook presence there's an increase in sales. I would think so!

Doug Arn

Ange Wayne

Agree. Social networking has an advantage.

Joan Stevens

definitely! Social Networking can really create a huge impact in sales...

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