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May 07, 2011


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Rey Celeb SEO

QR codes are great conversational starters! Our clients are finding so many creative ways to use them. The key is keeping the customer engage long enough to capture some lead info. i.e mobile number so that you can update this customer again and increase your overall customer value. Im sure we will continue to see more of them in surprising places.

cheryl durzy

we are not using them on bottles, but just launched shelf talkers and fact sheets with them.

Mr, Val K. Levey, General Manager

Here at Wine of the Month Club (www.WineoftheMonthClub.com)
we’ve been doing this since February with new systems and technology that prints a custom QR Code label that I place on every single selection we ship. This dynamic label has our toll-free telephone number, our website URL, the featured month, and of course a QR Code. When someone scans the QR Code it takes them directly to the ordering page on our website for that particular wine selection. Each label is printed in-house then travels to our onsite fulfillment center where it’s applied, packaged, and then shipped. We’ve been receiving very good comments from our members that love to scan our selections to reorder directly from their smartphone.

Dental Implants

QR code is a 2d technology they called.

It represents your site online.

All you have to do is take picture to these qr codes using your smart phones and by using an app you'll be able to see the website. It's perfect for all dental implants sites.

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