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February 09, 2011


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Ned - web designer sydney

Interesting article.
"Menu as 90MB pdf file" :)

Staci Burruel

LOL @ Oatmeal's comic!

Anyway, local restaurants really should address what their potential customers would search for in a restaurant. That's already an effective marketing strategy because you're trying to pull in customers. Their websites should have what the comic has stated in its early parts. It's a one-way ticket to success if they build their sites like that!


I agree with what you said, "When you address the needs of your visitors, you win." That is actually the ONLY secret to success - and it seems not so hard, isnt' it?


give people (traffic) something worthwhile in your site or blog and traffic will find it's way to your site.

great self-advice and i look forward to seeing more


give potential wine drinker what they are searching for. if you have expertise in wine storage, give the populus that and you will be a success!


Nice article, thanks for sharing that info. I like what you said about flash sites, they are often useless. The next thing to add to the list would be customer reviews.

Jessica McCarty

Very good advice for anyone. Thanks for sharing!


Excellent comic, this is so true! :) At least someone noticed this problem. Unfortunately there are many other industries that don't seem to have a clue when it comes to online presence.

Petar Kirilov

Nice one. Thanks for the info!


web design ipswich

I tell my clients this all of the time, think like a visitor, put yourself in their shoes. What do they want to know? And it might be different from what you think they should know!

Sudbury Web Design

Filling a demand is key - the more attention to detail the higher the quality product or service. It's a simple concept that often gets overlooked.

Shanta  P

This is so true and so many people fail because of something so easy as asking their customer base what they want. What could be easier? Too many people THINK they know what their customers want but are way off. A great way to see what someone is looking for in a website is using something like a heat map like crazyegg.com provides. It's a great way to see if your giving your user base what they want.

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