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October 12, 2010


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Andrew Kamphuis

Thank you Mike. There are a few others doing this also (such as Winergy Inc). The big piece in here is that wineries need to capture more visitor data in the tasting room and this is a great way to do that.

As for the case - the Etch A Sketch case would look good - but I personally would just find some mounting bracket with a cable attachment to the iPad similar to how they secure devices in cell phone stores. (I've seen a few).

El Jefe

I like the etch a sketch case! But you would need an etch a sketch app to go with it. Then you'd have a $500 device for drawing stairs...

We're going with a bulky rubber case for now - something difficult to slip away with and also hopefully that bounces...

Napa Wine Tour Guide

Wow this is way cool! I need to check the app store more often.


We are using the Otterbox case. It is super hefty and the cover can be made into a handy little stand for easy viewing.

Karl Summerville

This app is great, Thanks! Btw, have you guys heard of lovethis? I've started using it to get wine recommendations, pretty useful. Check out my recommendations and I'd be interested to connect with you guys to find some interesting labels and new producers. Here's a link to my profile: http://ow.ly/42A6l. Keep up the great blog, how do I subscribe?

ipad cases

"Now the only question is what kind of an iPad case to buy for your tasting room iPads..."

I would recommend Otterbox or the DODOcase. Otterbox is well known for it's toughness and dodocase is built by hand which can assure you with quality.

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