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August 10, 2010


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Mitch Tarr

I've only known one other winery to make this effort. It was at least two years ago but I remember the hand written note. First one out of over 500 mailing lists I joined. Ted Elliott of http://www.elliottfamilycellars.com/ still has that personal touch.

Jon Bjork

Yep. I think if we winery owners can believe that we're really selling personal relationships, rather than just bottles of wine, it would be a significant help when making decisions.


I think these personal touches are especially important for customers you find online. Wineries and wine clubs need to do everything they can in order to build a positive relationship with these folks that they don't necessarily get to meet in person every month.


We always write handwritten notes when we send wine to customers. Once a year, we take a whole week out to write personal handwritten notes to all our Mailing list people who receive it via the post.
We look them up in our Database, find our what they recently, or frequently purchase, and use that to right a note. Sometimes we talk about wine specials or recent awards, and sometimes we talk about upcoming events,all dependent on their file.
We find this has an amazing positive result in extra sales. Last year we even had people drive from out of state just to visit the Cellar Door after they received a hand written note. We also had a few customers write hand written notes back, thanking us for ours!

This is time consuming, which is why we only do it for one mail out a year. But in terms of the notes in wine orders, this takes just a few seconds each, and makes people smile.

Small Winery in Canberra Australia


Excellent customer service and hospitality goes a long way with customers but the extra touch of a personal note says " your our customer and we value you" Nice touch!

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