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August 21, 2010


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Hi Mike,
You're right and wrong about the iPhone image. Absolutely right about less noise. And, oh, if the Italians would only get this message and bury flash!
Same with winery home page picture of a vineyard. Why do you see few images of vineyards in wine magazines? Because they all pretty much look alike! (As you noted in an earlier post but it can't be said often enough.)
As to iPhone as a website image, there's a lot (ok, relatively speaking) already out there from other industries. Now with Facebook movie, the image will be everywhere.

What would I like to see more of? Inspiration stolen from other industries/products.
..and more from you. Always good insight. Thanks.


I work within agriculture one of the few occupation which often provide housing for staff and offer physical work in the outdoors so a good middle ground for those leaving the forces.


Let's say that an interface is rather original. The problem is that the sites now are much too heavy and requires more time to load and makes navigation difficult ...

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