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May 14, 2010


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Yep. testing and improving iteratively will almost always help. But wineries for some reason refuse to actually take online marketing and sales seriously, even now, so while it would be nice to see more wineries care about this and implement some kind of testing program...

Mike Duffy

Actually, there's a very good reason they don't take online *sales* very seriously: online sales represent a tiny bit (2%?) of total revenue for most small wineries. Tasting rooms and wine clubs (plus wholesale) account for the vast bulk.

It's why I've been contemplating giving up on this blog...it's preaching to the choir.


Well, online sales represent a small part of sales because they don't do anything with it. After all, the person who comes to your tasting room from, say, Kansas, isn't coming back to get a few more bottles in person.

It's a vicsious cycle - people don't do anything to make online an important part of the sales and marketing mix then say it's not worth it do anything since those parts of the business aren't significant. The thing is, I'm fine with wineries saying that they don't care much about online - just don't complain about their lack of sales then. People don't get to neglect a sales channel, then complain if they're having a tough time financially.

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