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May 17, 2010


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Jon Bjork

So here's what I just posted to Pinotblogger:

With Facebook I'm able to connect with old friends and friends of friends and stay up to date with what's going on. I don't post anything in comments or on my profile that I wouldn't want every eyeball on earth to see. That's one reason you don't see much about my family, for example.

(Even this post is likely being crawled by google. I know because every so often a google alert shows me one of my random posts.)

So, personally, I think this privacy issue has gotten a bit out of hand.

Realize that if not Facebook, some other successful networking site would have eventually run up against the same issues.

I don't plan on deleting my Facebook account any time soon.

Robin Coolidge

As a small winery that relies on local traffic Facebook has been a great marketing tool. Our "Fans" get to stay in touch with what is going on, and they feel connected to us in the same way they are connected to friends and family. I agree with the poster that said if we were to pull out our "Fans" would most likely go "huh?", and they would definately not get that we were taking a moral stance to protect their privacy.

Jon Bjork

(By the way, I just now got my Google Alert for "jon bjork" that linked to my comment above.)

El Jefe

I've been asked to write an article about Facebook and wineries. All this privacy stuff is aggravating my writer's block!

It seems like we're discovering that Facebook is absolutely the worst social media network, except for all of the others...

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