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May 07, 2010


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Steve Heimoff

OMG, bloggers with nothing else to say can always trot out the Heimoff v. Millennials BS. Give me a break.

Mike Duffy


Your original post focused on (a) the proliferation of wine competitions, and (b) the fact that it's a money-making enterprise for everyone but the winery. There's little incentive for an established winery to compete, since they can only lose, so the question of what a "win" represents is valid.

Still, Leah makes a good point in her open letter to you -- there is huge focus by wineries on marketing to Millennials (both as a growing segment, and the eventual replacement of their current customer base), and to the extent that they pay attention to competition results (which could be debated), a Millennial-oriented tasting has some marketing value.

Plus, I thought it was pretty well-written.

Glad to see you commented on her post. My only aim was to publicize the discussion, which would be of interest to my readers who might not follow The Millennier.

Regardless, thanks for stopping in and commenting.

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