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May 12, 2010


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Andrew Kamphuis

Nobody technology system is perfect, and I'm pretty sure every major winery e-commerce vendor has had some down time.

There are however a number of systems that can be put into place to lessen downtime (load balance servers, redundant equipment, etc).

To tell "if your website is actually working" you can setup a 3rd party system like AlertBot that tests your web page every few minutes and notifies you if it's down (although this is more your service providers job than the wineries job).

Wineries should be asking their e-commerce providers what systems they have in place to ensure maximum uptime, how do they know about down time, etc.

As a winery, asking your customers to come back to your site a second time and try their order again if they experienced problems the first time isn't a great solution.

Larry Chandler

An alert system may be the service provider's job (depending on service agreements), but it's very prudent for a winery to set it up themselves in either event. You can see how often a server may go down and if there is a pattern as to when it goes down.

But it is awkward to send out an email to your customers about an outage. Customers don't really care why a site is down. To them, it will always be the winery's fault. And many of them won't have even noticed it was down originally. Now you have made them insecure about placing an order.

Ecommerce Solution

What kind of servers are you talking about?

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