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April 05, 2010


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Mary B.

Thank you for the kind mention, Mike! I learned a lot as well researching this piece. I am amazed at the number of industries and businesses these criminals target, and I hope the series will help inform small businesses.

El Jefe

I had occasion to go back and re-read Mary's series last year. I was contacted by an outfit in Europe that wanted to buy a bunch of wine. The communications were just weird enough that warning sounds were going off in my head, so I went back and read the series to compare to our deal to hers. It turns out the deal was legit, but I'm glad I got educated and did some things to protect ourselves!


Excellent (and fascinating) articles on how the scam works. Thanks you Mary Baker from Central Coast Wine Blogs.
I received such an email just a few weeks ago (only it was Thailand, and a wedding), and I ignored it. It just seemed too fishy, as in my case, it would be really unlikely that a stranger from abroad could have tasted my wines!!

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