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March 16, 2010


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Rick Breslin (Drive Thru Interactive)

Thanks for posting this, Mike.

Not only does this video tell a great story about how wineries (and other small businesses) can leverage Twitter for identifying and fostering brand advocacy, Kelly has pointed out the importance of monitoring online mentions of your brand to catch those "triggers" in a timely fashion.

I'm looking forward to the evolution of those monitoring tools (Google Alerts, Cruvee, et al), hopefully adding more real time features to allow for less manual monitoring (via Twitter search).

Nice post,


El Jefe

hi Mike - I've been trying for a while to figure out how to do any of this effectively and, short of keeping all the web sites open and (for Gowalla and Foursquare) constantly refreshing the page to see if there were new checkins, I can't see how to do it.

Even putting out an offer is problematic, there is no provision for venue/spot owners to own their basic information or post special info. I want to run a special promo just for this Saturday for Irish Day in Murphys: Show us your checkin and get our Twisted Few wine club pricing for the day. On Foursquare all I can do is write a tip on my tasting room venue page (and spam my neighbors' venue pages with the same tip). On Gowalla I can't see ANY way to do it.

It's great that PF Chiang's did what they did. I think it was smart and a great example of seizing the moment. But they're big and have a lot of eyes looking. I have me.

Until there are alert tools that can push hits to me in real time (hello Cruvee? ;) I'm not seeing how I can be awesome this way. And you know I want to be awesome!

ps: Mention to me that you saw this comment on WWSR, only at Twisted Oak's Murphys (CA) tasting room, only tomorrow Saturday March 20, and receive Twisted Few wine club pricing on any purchases. (I expect this offer to be more effective than my Foursquare offer ;)

Mike Duffy

Hey, I thought Cruvee did all this already. :)

I agree with you. As the video sez, the secret of social media is that *you* do the work.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZKCdexz5RQ8 (NSFW)

And you probably already have lots of things to do. :)

Jeff, you're certainly at the leading, bleeding edge of wineries and social media. Hell, I'm just trying to get the 5,999 *other* winery owners to even think about this stuff. Will their tasting room staff even know what a "check in" is?

And *any* monitoring would be better than none at all. On the other hand, my posts this week have focused on good old e-mail marketing, and Paul Mabray always says that people have to get the basics right before any of this other stuff.

At the end of the day, you want to sell all of your wine at the best price possible. The rest is tactics.

Thanks as always for commenting!

El Jefe

I love that video, thanks for the chance to see it again. I'll be sharing that with my local SM group soon!

OK, so here's a report on what happened yesterday. Irish Day is a big event in Murphys, literally thousands come to town for the street fair. Based on how far away people were parking from Main Street, this year was a record year for attendance. Our tasting room was mobbed all day and sales were very good.

On Foursquare, I posted an offer the only way I had available, by posting a Tip for my tasting room venue. You have to look at the Tip tab to see the offer. We apparently had two checkins yesterday, neither one mentioned the offer.

On Gowalla, because I created the spot for my TR I was able to edit the description to post the offer. Otherwise the offer would have been hidden in a checkin. We had no checkins yesterday.

So in summary, these LBSM sites might be full of potential, and I'll be keeping an eye on them, but for now I can't see spending a lot of time on them.

Oh, and I'm sorry, but no one mentioned WWSR in the TR yesterday. I'm bitterly disappointed. ;)

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