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March 19, 2010


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El Jefe

Well, sure. But then the conversation would be about the iPad and not the wine. I'm not selling iPads (yet ;).

On the other hand, once the excitement dies down, I could see how an iPad would have advantages for collecting data like this vs a desktop computer - not the least of which is that it doesn't take up counter space.

El Jefe

I thought about it a little more. It would be great to use in the TR or at tasting events, but unless there is a way of securing the iPad to the counter, or to tether it to the vicinity, it WILL walk away. It just takes a moment of getting too busy and suddenly it's gone. It's too easy to hide, just tuck it into your clothes. (Heck, even that's not a criteria for theft. Last year we had someone try and make off with a display magnum during the TAPAS tasting last year!)

Mike Duffy

Yeah, the theft issue is real, and now having an iPad, there's no security lock on the device as you might find on a laptop.

The Apple Store has tethered iPads, though, so I am certain a solution exists.

David Ingham

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