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February 15, 2010


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El Jefe

Mike - You always make me think, and I've been thinking about this. I still haven't quite decided what I think... but here is what I am wrestling with...

My cell phone is the best way to reach me. However, I do have a firm rule about phone calls and texting in general, and that is "meatspace trumps all". In other words, if I am engaged with Real Live Humans, I will shut off the damn gadget. Doing anything else seems rude to me.

This behavior, coupled with the fact that I live in a place where the damn gadget may or may not even function due to lack of signal, not to mention I could be driving, creates the potential for a less than stellar customer service experience.

On the other hand, if they call the winery during biz hours, they are likely to encounter one of my crack staff who is trained and eager to be of service - and they have the tools and information at their fingertips to answer questions and solve problems.

I'm still inclined toward the latter approach... - j

Mike Duffy

Glad I made you think, Jefe.

We all expect good service when we contact a business. That's why a "crack staff" is a basic requirement.

The "high concept" here is that I, as a customer, have a direct line (not the main phone, not an extension) to someone who knows who I am. It creates an expectation that I won't have to wade through "the normal procedure".

It's the direct personal connection that makes this stand out.

I don't think it has to be you, Jefe, but it does need to be someone who knows the system and can solve problems without a lot of rigamarole (that's why it being the CEO is so powerful -- there are very few titles with that connotation).

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