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December 28, 2009


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Tyson Caly

Mike, thanks for plugging us! Time for some shameless promotion... (hope that's okay) This is a very important topic. Mobile browsers will soon account for a large portion of traffic. Don't let your visitors down. We think it's important to give them easy access to the information that matters most about your winery. We've set up a very affordable and easy-to-use package/service to help wineries develop and maintain their own mobile websites.

Check out http://www.designvineyard.com/mobile.html for more information.

We'd be happy to offer a $50 discount for our mobile optimized wine website package to all Winery Web Site Report readers. Just mention this website as the referral on our contact form. We look forward to helping out.

Mike Duffy

Thanks for offering my readers a discount, Tyson. I agree that mobile is growing rapidly, and wineries should (but probably won't) be ready for it.

My current analysis is (sadly) that for most wineries, the amount of business that online generates for them (directly at least) doesn't encourage investment.

I hope you'll prove me wrong!

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