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November 04, 2009


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WineDiverGirl/ Lisa deBruin

Thanks for sharing that. The wine is Hahn Syrah, a popular one for us. I work for Hahn Estates and was New Media Marketing Director when I produced that video (now I'm in sales for Hahn Family Wines). That winemaker, Paul Clifton, by the way, is just a winning person all around: his wine, his family, his management style. He would make any video fantastic; he's surfing in this one: http://www.cyclesgladiator.com/Videos

Jon Bjork

Yep! That's Paul, the winemaker at Hahn, opening what looks like the regular Hahn Estates labeled bottle. That other video using a shoe makes more sense if you don't have a Wineglass tree handy, though I guess a Cork Oak tree could be a little easier on the high-end wines.

Mike Duffy

Hi, Lisa.

Any reason that the video didn't do more to mention the Hahn name? As someone who doesn't drink Hahn regularly, I couldn't discern the label from the video, and there's no mention, other than Paul's name, of any winery affiliation.

I presume that it's because the video was originally just on the Hahn site, even though you hosted it on YouTube, but I'd like to know for sure.

In retrospect (and as advice to those who follow), what would you have done differently? Did you know this video was the most watched for "how to open a bottle of wine without a corkscrew" (at least, until that French guy with the shoe hit boing-boing.com)?

WineDiverGirl/ Lisa deBruin

Hi Michael,

Yep. It was a deliberate experiment in pull marketing. Looks like it is working as this video among MANY of our more super branded videos is attracting tremendous interest and people curious about that guy pounding the bottle against the tree, what is that metal thing behind him, which wine is that, etc...

Nope, the video was not originally on the Hahn site... Wouldn't do anything differently...except maybe use different music.

Again, thanks.

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