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October 14, 2009


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This is a great idea to help build a warm and fuzzy brand experience, but it should be noted that photos of visitors should be used carefully.

Posting photos of winery visitors to your Facebook fan page may be fine, but you're not necessarily able to use the same photos in marketing materials or advertisements without written permission from your "models". Most folks want to be on your website to show "they were there", and are usually fine with signing a simple model release that states your intended use of their photo. In its most simple form, a model release needs to say the following:

"In exchange for consideration received, I hereby give permission to [ your name & winery here ] to use my name and photographic likeness in all forms and media for advertising, trade, and any other lawful purposes.

Print name:__________

Pre-print a bunch of releases on small slips of paper or a clipboard that your photog hands the guests when asking permission. Have your visitor print, sign and date their name. A bit of work on the frontend could save you potential aggravation in the future.

Good luck,

Jason Tinacci,
Photographer & Owner

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