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October 26, 2009


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Seth Godin's "Permission Marketing" book gives the same illustration of getting married on your first date. Although it's dated, it's a great read on relationship building through email.


You also need to make sure your analytics program is dropping cookies that stay on they visitor's machine for a long enough time, at least 30 days. Why? Because if someone visits your site, goes away, then comes back in 10 days, goes away again and comes back a week later, you want to know that those three visits are from the same person.

Wineries also face an issue that some online merchants don't - most of their product may well be sold via other channels. That means that you need to realize that not everyone is a potential sale. Some will be looking at your site to get notes on a wine they've already bought (you DO have tasting notes on your wines posted, right?). Some will be looking to see whether you have visiting hours and where you are. What you want to do is to look at those people who got to your order page... what paths did they take? Segment them in the analytics package and look at their behavior. How does it differ from other visitors? If both purchasers and non-purchaser visit, say, your main Wines page look at that page - is it OBVIOUS you can order wines from there? Or might you be losing some business because it's not obvious and only a few of the visitors there realized that they could buy wine from there?


Part of the challenge is also, how do you gain their email address? In most internet marketing circles you see a free ebook or something along those lines given away, not so easy when we're talking about a real brick/mortar store.

Coupons sometimes work as do discounts but it isn't an easy problem to solve, at least it hasn't been for me!

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