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October 23, 2009


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Ian Griffith

Call it a branding opportunity, or just good customer service. Everyone is going to remember that Twister Oak is a little special... in a good way.

Andrew Kamphuis

A custom 404 error page is even more important the longer a site has been around. As page URLs change, it takes time (and it's not always possible) to update external sites that link to your content.

Along with a custom 404 error page, a site should be looking to introduce 301 permanent redirects which basically redirect old links to new content.

Joe Lange

I've been meaning to do this for our winery website (site and blog) - thanks for the extra motivation!



Jon Bjork

Another excellent post, Mike! Thanks!


The 404 page is also a selling opportunity - you can provide a way to search on that page, you can provide common links that lead to what people usually look for, etc. Think of the 404 page as a landing page, not an error page.

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