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September 30, 2009


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This is just to say that I've been thinking all morning for a good question to ask you, but have been unable to come up with anything (yet). Hopefully, inspiration will come to me over lunch. Today I'm going out for a set menu (€10) where the wine is so bad that you have to mix it with lemonade to make it drinkable!!

By the way, my blog (http://vinosambiz.blogspot.com) is languishing terribly. I've been harvesting, crushing, pressing, etc, constantly for the last 3 weeks, so I have plenty of material I could be publishing; but then, I've had no time to sit down and think and write!!

Keep up the good work - your site is great!

Jon Bjork

Hi Mike,
I've been meaning to tell you that you've had many posts recently that were extremely valuable to me. The "Beyond the Fail Whale" post, for example, has the link to that online textbook that I just don't have time to read now, but I'm saving your link until later. I was not aware of MergerNetwork.com, which is very interesting.
Not sure of any topics - this being crush and all - but as a fellow blogger, even when I'm sweating about what to write about someone mentions something out of the blue that I take for granted, then, ding!, I realize there are lots of folks that don't understand that topic like I do.
Another thing to consider is that your overall topic may not require you to blog every day. Even though frequency of posts helps build a bigger following, I don't think you'll ever have a winelibrary.tv size following for this particular topic. Anyway, I think you could take some pressure off yourself, if you like by posting only a few times per week.
I do know that a little encouragement always helps: You've been doing a great job IMHO!


Valuable information on your site. Which winery websites do you think are successfully creating 'community'? Are there sites which you think are distinct and are creating a dialogue with the people who visit the site?



How about an informative, interesting and useful post on "Feeds" (RSS?, readers?, subscribing?)? I see these links/icons all over the place, and still being new to the social media community, I'm still not sure what they are or what they're for! Cheers!

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