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September 15, 2009


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Paul Mabray

Very true - a blog is a great tool that way and as a counterpoint, so is a great content strategy against your content management system. The key differentiators should be the volume of content you produce with a blog as well as the type of content.

Great post Mike.

el jefe

hi Mike - I'm confused. I've known this for a long time and I'm almost certain I learned it from you! ;)

By the way, your post on posterous was a big help: Not so much the "life stream" aspect, but posterous has helped make it WAY easier to keep the content flowing into our various socmed sites. One email to posterous can update the blog, twitter, facebook, flickr, and youtube. At least, that is what I have set up so far!

Mike Duffy

Always glad to be of service!

Mike Duffy

And a comment-tweet from Josh at pinotblogger:

David Topper

A "quality" blog is a lot of work for SEO! I don't believe in marketing by the pound... so, when the "volume" and "type" of content becomes more important that the "value" of the content, I contend that there are better, more productive ways to drive SEO.

Mike Duffy

David, it appears you're responding to Paul, so I'll let him respond.

A quality blog *is* a lot of work. The nice thing is that it *also* pays off in search mojo - two birds, one stone, etc.

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