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September 22, 2009


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Andrew Kamphuis

Okay I'm game - how you going to do that? Exit surveys on websites are bad form. Visitor profiling and then sending an email is a bit creepy (sending the email is the creepy part). Statistical analysis is a little vague (not quite like asking a question).

You certain can provide feedback page or even a feedback widget on every page and ask them.

I agree that it's nice to now if they found what they are looking for - but how often are you honest in a retail store when a clerk asks you that question.

Mike Duffy

Here's an example of a not-terrible exit survey experience. Not a bad place to start:

(and it's free.)

Andrew Kamphuis


It's a decent place to start (better than what I initially thought). They ask you up front if you want to take a survey which is nicer than just having a popup. (It's the popups that I consider bad form, but asking up front is better than just having it popup on exit).


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