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September 09, 2009


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Jon Bjork

Thanks for the link, Mike.

I like they way Constellation is going for the pure viral play here with the donation incentive.

As you pointed out, this is a great example of how all the technical and UI issues need to be carefully thought through before launching such a campaign.

I do think they're on the right track.


The big problem I see with these types of email address gathering campaigns is the lack of sincerity (if not outright cheating or deception by the promoter, in this case Woodbridge).

Basically what is going on here is that Woodbridge is buying a mailing list for $40,000. If they were really interested in helping a good cause, why not just donate the $40,000 to the ACGA and say so on their website?

The only difference that I can see between this campaign and a typical email-gathering spam chain-letter, is that this is for a legitimate purpose.

It actually made me feel angry and will now also consider NOT buying their wine at all, let alone passing on the emails of my friends!!!

Am I alone in percieving this or does anyone agree?

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