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September 28, 2009


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TC and Jason have an outstanding wine blog. But I do have one criticism. No linkroll. Really bad form.

If Tablas Creek actually had a linkroll and linked out to the wider wine blogging world more often I dare say they would be discovered by a bunch more people. Folks tend to reciprocate. It's the nature of the online wine world.

After all, that's exactly what happened when Asimov linked to them. :-)

Jason Haas

Thanks, Mike. I'm happy that you found the article helpful and appreciate you spreading the word to your audience.

It's interesting to me that the post that I did 18 months ago about Blogs that Inspire (http://tablascreek.typepad.com/tablas/2008/03/some-of-the-oth.html) in which I recommended that people follow The Winery Web Site Report is as true now as it was then.

Josh, I do speak about other blogs in the world of wine pretty frequently, although I don't believe in the blogroll for commercial blogs. You can view posts where I've written about other wine blogs at http://tablascreek.typepad.com/tablas/wine_blogs/index.html

Thanks again,

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