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August 10, 2009


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el jefe

Well, if you don't buy into the whole time-money equivalence thing... I'm looking at the volume of posts he's done so far and I could see this turning into an infinite time sink.... but if he can try and sell toasters based on a wine search, the least I should be able to do is try to sell wine based on a toast search!

Mike Duffy

I was referring more to the traditional hierarchical winery site organization -- maybe there's a better way. And this actually would apply more if wineries offered affiliate marketing programs. His "Global Toaster" site is really just away of aggregating people looking to buy a toaster and sending them to Amazon. The blog, to which Google gives a lot of search mojo, is a tool to get a good "toaster" search ranking.

el jefe

Oh no - I get that! But it's not free, nor is it ultimately easy... but if it were easy, everyone would be doing it.

As regards affiliate programs, as Old Bill put it "Aye! There's the rub!" The legalities being what they are, toaster pushers have a LOT more leeway....

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