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July 20, 2009


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Jason Reed

It's an interesting article for sure, but I wonder how forceful language would affect a purchase.

By that, I mean that forceful language might work in a conversion where there is zero cash cost (ie, signing up for a newsletter or following someone on Twitter) but I have concerns about how well it might work (or backfire) in a purchasing situation.

That being said, I'd love to see data if someone were to give it a shot on their site.

Mike Duffy

Wine is such a genteel business that I think some wineries forget to use language which encourages people to buy. I chose this mostly as a example of how a small change in your choice of language can pay big dividends.

Tyson Caly

Thanks for pointing this out Mike. I think you bring up a good point in that it's important to keep trying new wording. You just never know how much it might help.

I'm going to try this on an upcoming project. I'll report back with results.

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