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June 12, 2009


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Tyson Caly

I suppose the same could be said about this website Michael. In the many years I've been a visitor, the only change I can remember was the addition of your mug to the sidebar. Talk about boring. Time for a redesign!

In all seriousness. Despite the fact that it's been done hundreds of times, I think many wineries are very proud of their vineyards, and rightly so. It gives their visitors a sense of place and allows the winery to show off the beautiful property. After all, great wines come from the vineyard. That's not to say there aren't more inventive ways to design your pages, I'm all for that.

That said, just having the vineyard on the front page doesn't really cut it. I do agree with your belief that the bottle is important and should be proudly displayed up front.

Mike Duffy

Busted! My blog layout *is* boring. And my excuse is a common one: I'm too busy to revamp it, and I really should pay someone professional to create it, but since I've made exactly $0 from this blog (if you don't count the handful of WWSR reports in hardcopy I sold back in 2006), it's hard to justify from a business perspective.

At least I spice it up with pictures!

If you generate no sales (directly or indirectly) from your Web site, then perhaps you can justify a boring winery Web site.


The reason I come back regularly to this blog is because the 'content' is interesting. I'm not really bothered about whether the layout is considered by some to be boring. Not that I'm an expert in these matters!!! I'm still in the process of setting up my own webpage after almost a year, and I certainly intend to have pictures of the vineyard in there - for the reasons Tyson Caly says above. And also of my own mug! Not necessarily on the front page though.
Keep up the good (and interesting) work!

Tyson Caly

I think this post is worth a look! Certainly relevant to this topic. Good presentation and good content are important.

"Almost 25% of web users indicated "poor visual presentation" as the number one element that drives them away from websites."


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