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June 04, 2009


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Note, though, that your web site is not direct respons advertising in the sense of a direct mail piece. Though it's gotten pretty sophisticated, direct mail still goes to areas, not people. With pay per click and other traffic generation methods you have the opportunity to shape your audience.

A lot of people are very much attached to the 20th century mindset that more traffic is better. The 21st century version is that more of the right traffic is better. What's the right traffic? The right traffic are people who are interested what you offer - they're more likely to signup for your newsletter, buy your wine or visit your winery. You sell Bordeaux blends from Red Mountain in Washington? Attracting people who are into rock climbing won't help you. Neither will attracting people who are looking to buy Bordeaux in Washington DC. You sell Pinot Noir from Anderson Valley? Guess who you want to hit your site... right. People interested in Pinot from Anderson Valley.

Setup analytics... define conversion goals (newsletter signups count!). Track what traffic converts best. Think of how to get more people like that.

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