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June 24, 2009


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Evan Cover

Twitter search is a nice touch however it is also extremely important to note that this is only one, of the many areas online, that they should monitor.

To be completely transparent here, I run Cruvee, a Social Media Monitoring company dedicated to the wine industry and we monitor the millions of other conversations that occur online (blogs, forums, social networks, tasting note sites, etc.) that revolve around wine and a wineries respective brands. For example Cruvee has tracked approximately:

* Over 3,200 blog posts/comments per day about wine from over 6,000 different blogs

* Over 2,000 forum posts per day about wine from over 10,000 forums.

* Over 6,000 microblog posts (“tweets”) per day about wine.

Having the full picture of what consumers are saying (then engaging them) from all aspects of the web is imperative to maintaining customer loyalty which ultimately increases the lifetime value of that customer.

At the end of the day it comes down to monitoring, listening and engaging the consumers; regardless of what tool they decide to use.

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