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June 15, 2009


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Nice site. It does one other thing that many people overlook - it loads fast. Study after study have illustrated that speed is a feature and this loads up nicely.

I don't have an issue with the home page being longer than one screen, partially because monitors are larger and higher res these days, but mostly because it's more important to convey the right information than hit an artificial above the fold goal.People will scroll if you give them reason to and not mind it - the above the fold issue has always been driven more by the desire for clicks on ads than anything.

Finally, nice calls to action (Join the wine club, signup for the newsletter).

jason zajonc

Awesome work at Vin65! Nice job on the new site!

Andrew Kamphuis


Thanks for profiling one of our new websites and for your feedback. It's always good to read professional opinion on the work we do. It's great working with Jeff at Twisted Oak as he pushes us to raise the bar.

On the points you make about the homepage and side navigation - I'm sure the they will be tested and tweaked over time. And Jeff will probably keep his homepage up to date.

Like Rick above, I'm not opposed to the scroll (on my 19" monitors, there is no vertical scroll other than the footer links). There are so many monitor resolutions, it's a tough balancing act.


el jefe

hi Mike - I plan to do that post, but it will be sometime next week. thanks for the great feedback!! - j

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