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June 30, 2009


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el jefe

I wrote a long comment here about my skepticism over posterous (just an email posting blog with hooks) and friendfeed (twitter with a little organization). But typepad ate it.

Maybe I should switch to another platform ;)

el jefe

As a follow up, even though I am not seeing the utility of yet another way to post stuff... the right thing to do when one of these SM sites shows up on your radar is to at least secure your preferred name on the site.

I learned my lesson when I didn't take twitter seriously. Now @twistedoak is tied up forever by a guy who doesn't even use it.

So now you can visit http://twistedoak.posterous.com/ and see one posting, for your enjoyment. I will say that the site design is excellent and very easy to use. And the ability to post photo albums to Facebook (as opposed to FB's horrid Java uploader) could be a win for me.

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