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June 14, 2009


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Out of the whole Pretty Women film I can honestly say that the quote you mentioned above is one of the most memorable moments in the Pretty Women film. I stumbled upon your blog this evening and have been reading your posts for the last 20 minutes - your contribution is great. I have just finished a dream dictionary in memory of my late Aunt Flo and I was surfing Google for Jeff Hawkin's and then came across your blog. As I am sure you know Joan of Arc had a dream that she was destined to save France. This, along with visionary daydreams provided her with ingenious schemes which convinced the dauphinthat she was capable of accomplishing the war. In addition, Napoleon used his dreams to plan his military campaigns. Therefore, the dreams we sometimes dream at night have a reflection upon our true dreams of destiny - like Dorothy and the ruby slippers.

Thanks for such a great blog if you want to visit my site to learn what your dreams mean it is www.auntyflo.com feedback is always welcomed. Many thanks, Elaine

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