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June 18, 2009


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Virginia Reuter

This is a really valuable blog--it's one of the few I visit every day. However, I've just discovered you in the last few weeks, so if my suggestions have already been covered, please just point me in that direction.

That would be an interesting post: what blogs do you visit daily?

I've been looking for some good ROI information for social network marketing for wineries. I've found some very interesting studies--Xerox has one that shows some very nice upsell figures--but nothing definitive. I'd be most grateful for direction on this. Thanks!

Mike Duffy

You can see *all* the blogs I subscribe to at


The winery-related and winery blogs are probably most interesting to you (scroll down the alphabetical list to see these two groups).

Jon Bjork

If you haven't covered e-commerce lately, that may be interesting. For example, which shopping carts work better for selling wine on-line? Some wineries sell only a couple of bottles at a time, while others sell wine and all kinds of POS items.

How about an overview of e-commerce providers, such as Inertia or others?

What can be done to make a shopping cart or provider look like they are part of the original site? Or does it really matter?

How about showing shipping charges to customers? What is the best practice for giving someone an idea of a shipping charge, especially when the charge may be close to the price of a single bottle being ordered?

How about free shipping on wine ideas? What works and what is legal? (I know "free shipping" isn't allowed, but "shipping included" seems to be OK, though it is really just symantics.)

How about what a winery should consider when going about setting up a new Web site? Can they just establish a blog (as you covered recently)? Can they use one of many template-driven on-line applications as provided by hosting companies or through Apple or Microsoft? What do you look for in a designer? (I know there are Web programmers that can't really design and there are Web designers that can't really program, but I'd rather have the latter.) What is best practice now, CSS-driven with DIVs, Flash-only, html tables, some hybrid?

Anyway, sorry for the huge brain-dump, but you've got a good thing going here with this Web site! Thanks!

Mike Duffy

@Jon: Wow! That's quite a list, and I thank you for it. I'll try tackling it in future posts.


Just to say that I also check out this blog every day, as it's full of interesting and useful content.
Don't worry about running dry. We all go through that kind of patch - just take some time out and do something completely different - do not even think about wine or webpages for a while!
Looking forward to reading you again, when you're ready!


Sorry for the double post, but I've just thought of something: how about a comparative study and analysis of top-level menus for winery websites?

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