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June 26, 2009


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JD in Napa

Thank you so much for the recommendation, Mike! I'll be working hard to make sure that it is warranted. There's so much going on in Social Media that I understand why a winery might be reluctant to join in. If I do my job well, FB4W will filter out the noise and extraneous stuff to provide just the essentials, enabling wineries to participate in SocMed without too much effort.

Tyson Caly

You've been bookmarked. Great blog so far JD. Glad to hear you'll be filtering out the noise.

Jo Diaz

Thanks for a great lead, Mike.

Christopher Watkins

Thanks for sending me to the "Facebook for Wineries" site, I had a good read there just now, and in fact just left a rather lengthy reply to one of the posts. Anyhow, all the best. Oh, and I'm adding you to our blogroll!


Christopher Watkins
Tasting Room Manager
RIDGE Vineyards/Monte Bello

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