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June 01, 2009


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Larry Chandler

I doubt they can get NVL on the phone with most of the employees gone. But sending out an email to customers (and updating website) now to alert them of a delayed shipment is a very good idea.

Don't credit unless the delay will be long. That's very expensive to do (banks take a % on each transaction including refunds) plus time involved and screwups likely. People can be patient (up to a point).

NVL's tanking happened so quickly that a few more days are needed to sort it all out and see how quickly these issues can be resolved.

If it won't be resolved quickly, then alternate measures can be taken. Other wines if wines are tied up, refunds, ask customers what they prefer. Lots of headaches no matter what they do, but keep customers informed and updated. Always. Do that now even to say more info coming later.

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