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May 25, 2009


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Larry Chandler

If anyone knows anyone who works for New Vine Logistics, they might have info, since NVL is Amazon's fulfillment (and possibly compliance) partner.


From what I have heard, I'm pretty sure it is happening although perhaps a slower roll-out after thorough internal testing first to ensure they make a solid impression upon launch.


I just talk to an old friend who is a senior exec there this weekend and he confirmed that they are still doing it...


We're still working with them on the project and doing a lot of detailed paperwork. I believe they are doing tests in the California market for now.

Jared Brandt

I heard they started their beta test with a limited number of wineries and customers. I do think it was limited to California.


Amazon has maintained good communication with wineries and importers throughout the rollout period. I believe they will have a live site relatively soon.


I heard New Vine Logistics got forced into bankruptcy today - the bank paddlocked the warehouse. I'd be verrrry worried if I was storing wine there, or counted on them as a fulfillment partner.

Mike Duffy

Unfounded rumors are never a good thing, so I took the time to call New Vine Logistics (NVL). At 4:30 on a Friday, it's hard to get anyone to answer a phone.

I managed to speak with Dave Yewell, Sales Manager for NVL and he had no information regarding the comment above (has been out of the office all day).

If anyone knows anything for real, please add a comment here or give me a call at 707 523 4590.



Ugh... I feel for all the people that worked there. Hopefully wineries using NVL will be able to get their wine out of their warehouse. Sign of the times, I'm afraid there will be more to come in the wine business.


It would surprise me greatly if this turns out to be true. I know of a couple of very large clients who started working with NVL in the past 6 months, and that's on top of the 200+ solid wineries and website and wine clubs that currently work with them.


200+ accounts and a couple of very large clients are not an indicator of success for NVL because that has been their song all along. They have never been profitable, and attempting to raise cash every other year. They are no different than Mervyns or Gottschalks.


So what does this mean for the Amazon wine program? Is this the reason that nothing has happened so far? Will they find another supplier? I doubt they'd take on the business even at a fire sale value.

mesto Martin

mesto Martin http://www.martincan.sk


Hi All, I dont see any real updates since June. I have a business that markets a good selection of stemware racks, wine racks and wine accessories. A program like this would provide my customers with a very nice service that I would love to be able to supply them. Any word at all on what is happening?


Nevermind, found the answer at http://www.seattlepi.com/business/411547_wine27.html.
Looks like they Amazon has dumped the idea. This is so disappointing. I know my customers would love the convenience. If any of you know of a wine supply program I could tie in my website http://www.wineglassshelf.com into, feel free to contact me. daniel [at] wineglassshelf [dot] com.

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