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May 08, 2009


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Paul Mabray

Duooh. Thanks for the read Mike. I am sad too, I want more wineries to have stronger e-business foundations and then the opportunity to blog.

Make no mistake, some wineries are doing GREAT and inspirational work through blogging and we applaud them and hope more will enter the arena. But we HIGHER hopes for more wineries going digital to help increase their direct sales and putting more energy there as opposed to blogging.

Keep inspiring wineries though, we want more successes in all things digital for the wine industry (including winery blogs). You're doing a great job helping with your blog and we appreciate and respect all of your efforts.

Thanks again for the post and reading our tome of wine social media.

Marco Montez

I keep reminding myself to blog about things that my audience can find interesting, mixing it up as much as I can. One post is about the vineyard/winery, the next is about something quite unrelated to the winery - well, that's the goal, it doesn't always work out this way. It's not easy to keep the balance being that I'm so deeply involved in well... the winery. It takes time and effort, especially when English writing is not your forte. With that said... I can tell you that starting my winery blog (before I was even officially a winery) was one of the most important steps I've taken to date. Today, Google Analytics tells me that my blog is the second highest traffic source to my main winery's website, second only to google searches. Mre importantly, I've recorded sales at the winery that I can directly associate with the blog. That's worth it.


Hmm Well it's hard to penetrate the buzzword on the vintank site but take solace in this Mike...

Your site has as much traffic as theirs: http://siteanalytics.compete.com/vintank.com+winerywebsitereport.com/


Iris Rutz-Rudel

Well, in France, we don't think that it's waisting your time to have a wineryblog. Visitors of the next VINEXPO edition in June at BBORDEAUX will even have the opportunity to meet 19 winery-bloggers from France, Portugal and Italy at our OFF Event: Les Vignerons Blogueurs.

More information (in French:-) here:


So come to meet us, taste and see, our wines will be there too!

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