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May 11, 2009


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David Horowitz

Good points, but instead of "it's all about updates" I'd say "it's all about entertainment".

Judd's Enormous wine show has only posted 3 times, but I have enjoyed each post, want to see the next post, and want to party with Judd.

A lot of blogs I subscribe to I don't look forward to reading or read at all.

Joe Lange

The blog has been vital in making our site more dynamic - without it would mean headaches to create HTML pages for each bit of news...

It's been a great experience to share with everyone what we are doing here in Lodi, our family story, and our wines - we wouldn't be able to do that in an interesting way without the blog.



Hi, we exchanged some correspondence back in oct/nov 2008, when I was asking for advice on setting up a webpage/blog for my vineyard/winery.

This is just to say that I've finally managed to create a blog (no webpage yet), but unfortunately I haven't been able to follow all the advice that you and your readers gave!!! In the end, I just decided to publish, even though it's by no means perfect. It's here: http://www.blogspot.vinosambiz.com

Some of the things that are wrong with it are:
1) it's on 'blogger.com' (you have a whole post dedicated to why a good blog shouldn't be there!)
2) the URL name is not the same as the winery's!
3) lots more things probably! you tell me! (I'd appreciate any constructive criticism!)

But at least, I've now got a name and a logo. It's taken me 6 months to do this, which is incredibly slow and fustrating, but what can one do? :)

My next task will be to do an English-language version. (I started with the Spanish version as this is where all my customers are at the moment!)

In answer to the question 'Should a Winery Blog?', I say Absolutely Yes! and if you can afford to have someone do it for you, even better!!!
Fabius (Vinos Ambiz)


oops, sorry! wrong URL above. The correct one is: http://vinopuchero.blogspot.com

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