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April 29, 2009


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Joe Lange

Hi Mike!

Our family winery has a Facebook page that I try to keep updated with the latest news from LangeTwins - I just finished uploading a bunch of videos that we have had in the archive.

FB has been making lots of changes to the way pages work (more like personal profiles) so that has helped. I think FB is a great tool to share and connect with your fans.

One of our biggest 'successes' on FB was using their poll app to gather our fans' insight on a new label design. We had great interaction and their votes and comments drove our design process.

Here's our page link:


Shon Sterling

We put our Esterlina Vineyards Winery on Facebook and people were happy with it.

We recently put Everett Ridge Wines and the Diablita Wines on..

Facebook seems like a great medium when someone talks about a product or common interest, there is information within where comments can be made and with links to the real websites.




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