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March 26, 2009


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Andrew Kamphuis

We've done a contest for a client (not quite like this... it was for a free draw for the actual subscriber) and we grew the email list from 1000 to over 8000 in a 2-3 month time period. So from a purely list growth perspective the contest worked great.

The problem we found was that the 7000 people who subscribed to the newsletter list were there just for the prize and not for the content. (They seldom opened the newsletter, didn't really click back, and never purchased anything). We ultimately dumped the majority of them from the list.

Not saying this happens everytime, and your idea about having bloggers refer people is more solid than just doing a free draw to the actual subscriber...

It's great to see more people start tracking and testing.

Michael Brill

And many states restrict giveaways anyway. You can discount a $100 wine to $0.05 with no problem but try to give away a pen and see what happens.

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