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March 04, 2009


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Tyson Caly


I'm generally at odds with most blog readers and RSS feeds. To be honest, I've only recently begun experimenting with them, so my opinion may still be jaded. On one hand, readers and feeds are incredibly great for quickly informing you of new content, they fall short in so many ways.

Through a reader, your blog loses all branding and originality. Everything look the same. That drives me nuts. Where am I? What am I reading? I feel lost in too much content.

I really like blogs, and feel that ALL of the content on a page can be useful, including, get ready for it... ads. As an example, 37signals' SVN blog is fantastic. They offer really great content and host useful advertising through The DECK Network. Because I actually visit the site, I get to see those ads, and have found some truly great services I would have otherwise missed if I browsed exclusively via readers. I know it's a funny example, but to me that's somewhat important. My point is, you tend to miss out on a lot of potentially useful content, so it's nice to see quite a few people still actually go to websites.


To add to Mike's comments:

If you want to monetize your blog through advertising, it does not make sense to run any type of RSS feed of your content.

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