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March 10, 2009


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I saw this article awhile back and am very interested in their creative solution.
The two challenges in the U.S. would be the additional cost to wineries of a new package and of course, our arcane wine compliance laws.

Jared Brandt

A French blog I read had a link to this a while back. I think it is a great idea and I like their design. Within the EU, I believe you can send wine across borders so it opens them up to a huge market. Mydailywine is right - compliance would make it nearly impossible here.


I've found the French company that makes those little tubes. It's quite interesting, you send them your wine and they put it in those tubes that can be personalized with your logos and graphics and send them back to you. All at a cost of course, but it's a good marketing point. A bit complicated in the end if you have more than a couple of wines, because you have to buy several hundreds of those tubes per wine, but I'm thinking about it (I'm in Italy and we have no problems with wine shipments across Europe, thank God).

el jefe

I would love to be able to send a sample pack of say 4 wines. But for a small winery we're pretty much talking hand bottling small quantities of small containers for sampling. After I factor in all of the costs of the extra labor, packaging, compliance, etc. I might as well send 750s. Maybe someday.

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