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March 24, 2009


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Joe Lange

Hi Mike-

We did a similar label design poll (on our blog and Facebook) for our fans' feedback and it was a great experience. We found that those who took the time to leave comments left useful feedback that we used to move the design process forward.

And, we were really surprised how much feedback we received!

Here's the post on our blog: http://www.langetwins.com/blog/2009/03/02/designing-a-wine-label-%E2%80%93-time-to-vote/

The winning label has been 'tweaked' using the comments we received and will be announced today!

Ted Henry


Thanks for your comments. I agree that finding an "impartial judge" is as issue.

We plan on taking the labels to Whole Foods as you suggested and see how they perform among their peers.

Look for an update on http://www.primenapa.com to follow!

Ted Henry
PRIME Cellars

Peter O'Brien

Don't let it end up in tears. When you design your label, try not to take up to much "real estate". Bottles are not perfect and the diameter is normally greater at the bottom of the bottle and were it tapers to the neck. This often means that the bottle is concave between these points so if you wrap the label around the whole bottle you will end up with a wrinkle. My exsperience as a designer of labelling machines and haveing visited label manufacturers around the world, is to keep the label width to 110 degrees of the bottle [approx 2.5"-3"] Keep the label away from the wider diameters.
Good luck with your designs.

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