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March 05, 2009


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Cheryl Durzy

I think the web site with information about the product/tasting room etc is a little more pertinent for wine vs. Skittles (which one can get just about anywhere).

But I think romantic dialogue about how Skittles are produced would certainly be entertaining...but might keep me from eating them ever again.

Maitre Raisin

Of course, the day they launched this website, it featured twitter's skittles channel prominently. UNTIL people started making exceptionally rude racist comments on the skittles twitter channel and they had to take it down for the sake of decency. But the Internet moves fast and all trace of that is gone.


Interesting experiment to watch. As you suggested, perhaps they have swung to far in one direction.
But the concept of tying in with various social media outlets is a winner.
Especially for an established brand.


i think it is funny you chose skittles to write about....skittles, fruit rollups, trix and fruit loops...may not not pair well with wine..but i think the "fruit generation" are big consumers of california wines!

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