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March 18, 2009


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Andrew Kamphuis

I've seen a number of winery websites right now that look pretty dead - then again some winery facebook pages look pretty dead.

Facebook presents a nice way to see some basic winery information and connect with some fans. On a good winery website you can buy wine, join the club, signup for a tasting event, connect deeper with the brand, etc.

My biased 2 cents.

Tyson Caly

Very interesting thought, but I can't see Facebook as a replacement (that thought certainly could change). If every website was a Facebook page, where's the originality? It would be a bland world, and only your writing would set you apart from the rest.

I feel that Facebook should serve as a compliment to your website. With well over 150 million users, it's obviously a destination site that people go to (myself included) everyday. People aren't going XYZ Winery's website everyday. Facebook would be wisely used as a means to drive people to your site. Offer content on Facebook so it gets out to a larger audience (bigger exposure), but invite them to visit your website for more.

At least that's how I feel, or else I'm out of a job. ;)


Zuckerberg has created AOL 2.0. You remember how central AOL was to the net 12years ago, right? The entire idea was that you could do everything on AOL and not have to deal with the big, scary unstructured web.


It might be smart to have a presence for your winery on Facebook. IN fact, I'll go further and say that it IS smart. But we need to get beyond "OMG will B replace ??" thinking. It's prevalent in the tech industry especially and cuts off more nuanced thinking. A winery who wants to appeal to a more wired demographic should have a quality website, an email newsletter, a Facebook fan page and perhaps even a Twitter account. Of course, actually staying involved and making them work for you is required too.

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