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February 13, 2009


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tom merle

You write: "VinTank is trying to produce a free report with real numbers on the wine industry's use of social media" I didn't get this focus, Jeff. It seems to be a needed compendium of efforts to create social media experiences by bloggers and consultants. What's ~use~ got to do with it. That's probably Pt. II.

I'd also like to see a White Paper that compiles ways that wineries are ~using~ the new Internet technologies, which IMO is not the thrust of the VinTank report.


Mike Duffy

I've asked Paul Mabray of VinTank to drop by and clarify. My main point was to encourage participation, as there's value in getting some aggregate numbers about what is going on with social media in the industry.

(and who is Jeff?)

Paul Mabray

Thanks for the heads up Mike.

Tom - No surprise to see your questions. The report is about the channel of social media (both bloggers and wine social networks). It evaluates the channel in aggregate as well as some of the specific wine social networks. It also has some strategic advice and tactics on how to deal with wine social media.

The inclusion of anecdotes or cases studies of how wineries are using social media is a completely different focus and as much as we'd like to include this, time is not our friend. Additionally the gist of our reports is giving analysis or channels or companies to help wineries set their strategies, not analysis of wineries tactics or strategies. We want to encourage all wineries (especially in these economic times) to engage effectively in digital sales and marketing strategies.

Thanks again for the clarification opportunity.

Paul Mabray
Chief Strategy Officer

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